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Coque iPhone 12/12 Pro - Matière naturelle - Gris

  • Coque iPhone 12/12 Pro - Matière naturelle - Gris
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This case made from plant-based materials is the perfect eco-friendly alternative for anyone wanting to make their contribution for recycling and help protect our environment. The BioCase is made of a eco-friendly mix based on a wheat compound and non-toxic bioplastic (plant starch) that biodegradable. This plant-based material mix is vegan, saves important resources and protects your smartphone with the power of nature! But that is not enough for us! Our BioCase isn't just an environmentalist but also an Upcycle Case. This means that we only use wheat and grain that accumulate as residue during harvest. These rest materials would usually be burned but we use them to make your new iPhone cover from agricultural waste! But that's not enough for us: Our cases can be even be recycled and reused! But to make our Upcycling cycle work we need your help: when your bio case has reached the end of its lifetime or you simply want a new case, you can simply send it back to us. That way we can recycle it and turn it into a brandnew product - a case reincarnation! With our plant-based bio materials we can simultaneously save limited resources and reduce waste. This iPhone cover keeps its promises - green & pollutant free! Not every bio-degradable case is really free form environmentally harmfull substances. Many cases contain BPA (Bishphenol A), lead, cadmium and phthalates, which are released into nature when decomposing. But we are giving you a zero bullshit case with zero toxic waste: our plant based cases are absolutely BPA free, 100% vegan and only contain eco-friendly substances. We also passing important REACH and RoHS standartds that restrict the use of chemicals and toxic substances. That way we can be sure that we always produce sustainably and also reduce our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. We not only believe in green smartphone alternatives but also into giving back to nature: Since many years ago we've been working together with Trees for the Future to revive the cut down forests of this world. For every sold product we plant a new tree and not only support nature but also the local communities.

Coque iPhone 12/12 Pro - Matière naturelle - Gris

  • Modèle : Case BioCase
  • Couleur : Gris
  • Matériau du boîtier : Matière naturelle
  • Modèle(s) compatible(s) : iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • Type de coque : Coque
  • Marque(s) compatible(s) : Apple
  • Type de protection : Coque
  • Marque : Woodcessories
  • Poids : 22 g

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