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GPD Micro PC 6" Celeron 1.1 GHz - SSD 128 Go - 6 Go AZERTY - Français

  • GPD Micro PC 6" Celeron 1.1 GHz - SSD 128 Go - 6 Go AZERTY - Français
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  • LG-DOW 121H Aviation ABS UL94-V0
  • Intel Celeron N4120 processor
  • 2 × 3100mAh series
  • 6~8 hours standby time

A multi-interface mobile productivity tool!

The 6" MicroPC is not only smaller but also has more interfaces. The palm-sized MicroPC measures only 15mm at its thinnest part, weighs 440g and consumes only 10W for design The MicroPC is a mobile productivity tool suitable for all sectors!

Impact resistant ABS synthetic resin shell

LG-DOW 121H aircraft grade shockproof ABS synthetic resin is imported from South Korea with 1mm thickness which is flame retardant, high heat resistant and V-0 flame retardant with Rockwell hardness up to 109 R and strength bending up to 26,000 kg/cm2. Its integrity rate reaches 97.63% under the 1.5m drop test.

Its clean look is UV sprayed matte with rounded corners for great affinity and a comfortable feel. The area of ​​the strip-shaped hollow air inlet on the back is up to 28%, and the 3mm high feet make the bottom air inlet design more elegant. At the rear, the 45-degree angled air outlet protects the external interfaces from dust accumulation and dissipates heat more easily. Non-slip twill groove provides strong grip.

6" HD WCG display

Its 6'' high-definition (HD) wide color gamut (WCG) display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 has a natural smooth and visible effect in vivid colors. With 178 degree view, users can get excellent viewing experience from any angle. With a resolution of 1280×720 and a static contrast of 3000:1, it displays vivid and dedicated colors. The rotary axis supports stepless adjustment for the maximum stretch of 150 degrees.

Built-in qwerty touch keyboard and 3D mouse

A qwerty keyboard touchpad and 3D mouse are built into the C-face which measures just 15×9cm. The metal film button is designed in a wedge shape, which is more ergonomic and provides excellent finger pressing experience. The qwerty keyboard is backlit to meet emergency needs at night or when there is no light or low light. The keyboard layout is more reasonable. You can perform all operations with your left thumb in case of numeric inputs only. MicroPC has an integrated touchpad with a larger operating area while supporting left and right touchpad buttons. In this way, the cursor slides more precisely through the right thumb. The upper left corner of the C side corresponds to the middle left and right mouse buttons with an appropriate width to ensure unhindered operation. The power key is recessed to prevent accidental contact. It is extremely convenient to turn the machine on or off by holding it in your left hand. The fan switch is centered and the Off and On states are clearly identifiable.

GPD Micro PC 6" Celeron 1.1 GHz - SSD 128 Go - 6 Go AZERTY - Français

  • Couleur : Noir
  • Taille écran (pouces) : 6
  • Capacité de stockage : 128 Go
  • Mémoire : 6 Go
  • Modèle : GPD Micro PC
  • Marque du processeur : Intel
  • Nom de la Carte Graphique : Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Système d'exploitation : Windows 10
  • Processeur : Celeron N4120
  • Capacité de stockage SSD (Go) : 128
  • Type de stockage : SSD
  • Webcam : Oui
  • Microphone : Oui
  • Clavier rétroéclairé : Oui
  • Vitesse du processeur : 1.1 GHz
  • Résolution : 1280 x 720
  • Ethernet : Oui
  • Wi-Fi : Oui
  • Année de sortie : 2019
  • Type et langue du clavier : AZERTY - Français
  • Écran tactile : Non
  • Bluetooth : Oui
  • Couleur principale : Noir
  • Marque : GPD
  • Poids : 700 g

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