Coque iPhone 12 Pro Max - Matière naturelle - Bleu

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  • Coque iPhone 12 Pro Max - Matière naturelle - Bleu
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Commentaires du reconditionneur : agood company phone cases are made locally in Sweden, from organic linseed. 100% plant, 0% plastic. They are 100% compostable, but we prefer you to swap your case when you're done with it - using our agood loop circular system - so that we can re-grind it and make it into another case. That's by far the most sustainable solution to the plastic phone case problem!

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Beautiful birch forests, occasional sunlight finding its way through the foliage and the forest floor covered in blueberry shrub. This is where we're all transported when we look at this perfectly coloured blueberry blue case. Sleek and classic for the lover of all things Scandi. The world’s first climate-positive mobile case that is also saving the world from plastic waste. Lovingly made in Sweden, we turn the byproduct from organic linseed farming into these sleek cases that protect your phone while making both you and the planet feel good. After use, send it back to us and we’ll turn it into a new one for someone else to enjoy. Or plant it in the garden where it will biodegrade. Proud to be featured in Vogue.

Coque iPhone 12 Pro Max - Matière naturelle - Bleu

  • Modèle : Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Couleur : Bleu
  • Matériau du boîtier : Matière naturelle
  • Modèle(s) compatible(s) : iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Type de coque : Coque
  • Type de protection : Coque
  • Marque(s) compatible(s) : Apple
  • Compostable : Oui
  • Marque : agood company
  • Poids : 20 g

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