Tablette tactile pour enfant Shop-Story LCD Writing Tablet

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Tablette tactile pour enfant Shop-Story LCD Writing Tablet à partir de en revendant un ancien appareil.

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You are looking for a light, compact and practical writing or graphics support, SHOP STORY has the solution for you. This  mini LCD tablet  brings together all the characteristics of its ancestor and star of toys in the 80s: the Magic Slate  !

Revisited to suit everyone, its design, its lightness, its precision, and its practicality will make it a suitable tool in all circumstances.

Ultra thin, light and compact, it can be taken everywhere: in the car, in public transport, in restaurants... to allow your child to draw where he wants and your family to have a good time without a digital screen or smartphone. .

Using the supplied stylus or fingers, adults and children can use this  magic tablet  to write, draw, create. It can be used as a reminder both in the professional context (an LCD Post-it) and in the family (shopping list, memo, etc.) Suitable for designers, teachers, children.

This  slate  works using induction pressure on the screen, thus allowing precise lines for a stunning result.


  • Ultra thin and compact, only 4.5mm thick.
  • Convenient and easy to carry for your kids to practice writing letters, numbers, shapes, names etc.
  • Multiple use: professional, school and family.
  • Material: ABS, LCD.
  • Screen size: approx. 92 x 66mm / 3.62 x 2.60 inch.
  • Colours: blue.
  • Non-removable battery (cannot be replaced), lifespan 100,000 clicks (approx.).
  • Low power consumption.

A great alternative to traditional paper or a digital screen…. Erase and start again ad infinitum.

Tip  : Do not use sharp objects on the screen to avoid scratches.
Cleaning  : Avoid contact with water. Clean with a damp cloth.
Warning  : Not suitable for children under 3 years old - Risk of choking or suffocation.

Tablette tactile pour enfant Shop-Story LCD Writing Tablet

  • Couleur : Bleu
  • Modèle : LCD Writing Tablet
  • Product type : Refurbished
  • Marque : Shop-Story
  • Poids : 45 g

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