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astilipo Premier began its journey in 1981, in a small factory located in the Sevillian town of El Viso del Alcor, in which we made a small production of domestic heaters and radiators. Little by little we were consolidating ourselves in the regional market, gradually extending to the South of Spain. At the end of the 1980s, production increased, and as a consequence, the range of products expanded. This increase allowed the transfer, in 1990, to what are now our facilities and offices, subsequently realizing an extension of the same in the year 2005, which happened to surpass the 2,500 m Times changed, and manufacturing expanded both nationally and internationally. With these changes, commercial opportunities appeared beyond our borders, beginning to export our brand by European countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom and Portugal. All our production is immersed under a constant and demanding supervision and control by recognized laboratories. We strictly comply with all CE regulations, which certify our range of products, giving testimony to their quality and reliability. We have always been guided by customer satisfaction in the search for maximum efficiency in all our products. We work to offer our customers products with the best value for money in the market. Today, Bastilipo Premier adapts to the current market demands, with the most modern tools with which our customers, and the public in general, can comfortably access and know our full range of products (Heating, Ventilation, PAE …), like our website, , or any of the social networks in which we are present.

  • N° de TVA : ESB41690223
  • N° de SIRET : B41690223
  • Adresse : Bastilipo, Alicatadores 23, 41520, Sevilla, ES